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I hope you've enjoyed my work1. These games and tools were created over the span of eight years, self-financing the time and resources required to design, program, and maintain them. Attempts at monetization have always been met with inner resistance, for a couple of reasons.

Advertising nowadays is the implicit commerce of privacy, and it inevitably compromises the quality of the product. Furthermore, my only brush with advertising got me burned. The alternative—gating content behind a paywall—blocks sincere students because institutions don't account for this kind of educational material.

It is in this spirit that I ask for donations, to finance more time to do the things that I love without questions like how am I going to make money out of this shaping the product. It is said that when the product is free, then the user is the product, yet I refuse take this stance.

Instead, let us frame your donation as a gift of freedom, one of the highest virtues in my book, and for that I am deeply appreciative of your generosity.

Truly yours,

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1 María Munuera was an important collaborator in the early days of Method of Action.